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Healer Training

with David Elliott

David Elliott, teacher, healer, author, and clairaudient, facilitates healer trainings that focus on helping people become healers and learn powerful and transformational breath work.


with Scott Ishihara

Transcendence is a ritualistic dance party that combines both the night club environment with spirituality. Its fun, energetic, and a celebration!

Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

with Nita Rubio

A movement modality to connect us to the subtle energies of the body creating natural authentic movement. A sacred space of healing, deep medicine, and the coming together of a powerful sisterhood.


with Cass Phelps

A movement practice for entering the direct experience of the source of life. During a "Dive", Cass grounds you through biological breathing, movement, and subtle yet power shifts of perspective.


with Aaron Goldberg

The sound of gongs takes you on a journey deep into the universe. Relax into mystical sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, chimes and more. A great way to calm down after a stress filled week.


Bringing the heart home to West Los Angeles, the Hub is a center for individuals of all ages, physiques, abilities and backgrounds to explore different styles of yoga and body movement, meditation, breathwork and other forms of healing. (Read more)

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Today's Schedule


Spiderman Vs. Green Goblin: Sacred Masculinities

with Geoffrey Earendil

Saturday April 19th, 2014 / 2:00pm-5:00pm / $45

The Hero and the Villain have been pivotal figures in the Mythologies of Masculinity since the dawn of Mankind. Our popular media literally spills over with the epic struggle of the Good Guy against the Bad Guy. Many of the world's religions and political systems have been founded upon this insidious dynamic of opposition and inclusion, Us against Them.

The Buddhist Monastery at Shaolin in China, has produced some of the most renown, precise and refined hand-to-hand combat styles in the world, and yet one of their foundational principles is the vow of non-violence. The Tantric traditions teach us that the Supreme Form of Truth, the Brahman, embodies everything that our tiny human consciousness can conceive of, everything "good" and everything "evil." Therefore nothing in the phenomenal world is to be rejected or excluded as an emanation of Divine Consciousness. Chogyam Trungpa who suggested a radical reinterpretation of the 'Warrior' in his treatise on the Shambhala Society urges us to overcome aggression as well as attachment, that we should be neither for or against anything.

So, who is this Adversary, really and what becomes of the Hero without an enemy to struggle against? As a culture of Men raised on glamorized violence, Action Heroes and fetishized military technology, what is to become of our masculinity if we let go of our aggression?

Vital Practices for an Embodied Philosophy. Engaged Inquiry for a Re-Imagined, Sustainable Masculinity. The Sacred Masculinities Sessions incorporate Hatha Yoga and ChiKung practices for healthy organ function, supporting immunity and sexual function within the devotional context of Shakta Tantrik Philosophy.

Prior yoga experience is suggested or a regular exercise program. Dress comfortably.

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Resonant Soundscapes: Himalayan Singing Bowl Workshop (Level 1)

with Micah Sheiner

Sunday April 20th, 2014 / 1:00pm-5:00pm / $60 Pre-Registered; $65 the Day Of

Both modern science and ancient mysticism agree that everything in the universe is vibration. Accordingly, our health and vitality are linked with harmonious resonance in the mind and body.

Singing bowls are remarkable instruments for tuning and activating our energy systems. Their simple design allows for intuitive playing by anyone open to their vast sonic potential.

All are invited to dive into this experiential workshop to explore the power of vibration. Micah is offering an immersion in the traditional uses of singing bowl resonance and ways of integrating bowls with contemporary practices. This introduction aims to demonstrate the beauty and versatility of sound as a medium for creative energy work.

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Receive More Abundance & Prosperity

with Marlize Joubert

Sunday April 27th, 2014 / 2:00pm-5:00pm / $50 After March 10th, $60 At the Door

Do you feel unappreciated and under valued in your life? Can life bring you more abundance and prosperity? Then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop we will work around the meaning of exchange. A giving/receiving of energy in equality! We will unlock the blocks that are keeping you feeling small, and feeling less valuable than you truly are! Open to self love and discover the true meaning of what you do, and offer to yourself and the world. We all have a very specific purpose here on this planet. The more we value who we are, the more we can open to the inexhaustible flow of grace from the Universe. Are you ready for abundance to flow in and fill every part of your existence?

Come join in the transformation!

Bring a notebook, pen, yoga mat, water, snack, and an open mind! Lots of parking in the parking structure right next to The Hub.

Be ready to step into a new part of who you truly are! Allow life to penetrate your being!

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Healer Training Level 3

with David Elliott

5/3/2014 - 5/4/2014 / 9:00am - 4:30pm / $475, EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $425

Develop your intuition. Deepen your healing. Discover your heart.

Four levels of training designed to empower the healer and leader within and take the healing experience of Pranayama Breath Work out into the world. The Healer Training Series was created by David to help nurture healers as artists and leaders. As the classes developed and grew, David quickly realized the Healer Training Series was for anyone wanting to incorporate the message of healing in their life. Attended by both body workers, business professionals and creative visionaries, the Healer Training Classes are an opportunity to accelerate change in your life and the lives of others.

Level 3 – Working with Groups

This class focuses on group energy. It teaches you how to interpret and work with the energy of groups, which allows you to stay clear leading, and participating in groups. I will show you how to trust your intuition - before, during, and after the group experience. A lot goes on in groups! They can be overwhelming for most people, especially since most of you are so sensitive - you feel everything going on with everyone around you! Within the intensity of groups there is also a wonderful opportunity to be empowered, to grow and strengthen your intuition. You just have to know how to navigate the experience. If you find yourself in a complex group experience in any way this class will be great for you. I love teaching it, and we always have a great time playing as we learn! The focus has wide application, way beyond the idea of healing work. As a matter of fact I talk a lot about how your childhood group experience has imprinted heavily on what you are reacting to in your life right now!

Some questions I will be asking you during the class are: Are you restless with you life right now? Do you feel the nudge to carve out a different experience with work, career and significant relationships? Are you doing what you know you came here to do this lifetime? Artistically independent people are generally more driven to take risks and experiment; they aren’t afraid to break the mold of the 9-5 life, and find fulfillment beyond a computer and desk job. If you feel yourself on the edge of some big choices and changes, you will benefit greatly from this next HT-3 class @ the Hub in LA! We’re going to explore some of the ways spirit is nudging you along in life!

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In Depth Yoga Study Series

with Chad Hamrin

Sunday May 11th, 2014 / 2:00pm-5:00pm / $75

This an ongoing in-depth study with Chad Hamrin to provide a close knit community for yogis to expand their practice in the quarterly program.

Dive deeper into the yogic experience and strengthen your personal, daily practice with this three-hour, in-depth study lead by senior teacher, Chad Hamrin.

Yoga asanas will safely be explored from moment to moment in a supportive, encouraging, and communal environment. A highly exploratory and experiential approach, you will be guided to listen and reflect on your individual experience to refine your practice and encounter profound breakthroughs. The idea is to have a solid foundation in technique to transcend technique by bringing a creative presence and encouraging intuition to the practice of yoga.

This is an exclusive offering to facilitate devoted students interested in strengthening their daily asana practice by coming together to study as a community once a month. Limited to fifteen people.

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