Important News About the Future of The Hub

Hi All,

We want to let you know that we are in the process of closing the Hub in Los Angeles. Right now we are working on getting the physical space sub-leased and passed onto its new steward(s). We are not sure how quickly or slowly this transition may happen as we have just recently started looking for someone to take over our lease. We don't have anyone lined up to take over right now, so business is continuing as usual with our regular class schedule until further notice. Whenever we do receive a firm offer, we will give you all at least 30 days notice before the Hub would actually close its doors.

Monthly memberships will continue to be available until we reach the point of a 30 day notice. We have stopped selling 10 class packages, and will continue selling 5 class packages at a discounted rate of $75.

We want thank each of you for all of your support and participation over these last 5 years. We are grateful for the opportunity to have served as a space for learning, healing, creativity and community. We look forward to making the most out of the time we have remaining. Although we are moving toward closing the Hub's physical space in LA, we are planning to continue the mission and vision of the Hub in new ways. We are not sure exactly what this will look like just yet, though we imagine something more mobile and/or virtual. The idea is for the Hub to live on beyond its incarnation as a physical space in Los Angeles. This experience of change for us is both sad and exciting; it's simultaneously a death and a rebirth. All said, we are confident that the healing work that has been held within the physical container of the studio will continue evolving through all the teachers and students who have been a part of this amazing adventure, and this has been our intention from the very beginning.


The Hub family

Featured Videos

Healer Training

with David Elliott

David Elliott, teacher, healer, author, and clairaudient, facilitates healer trainings that focus on helping people become healers and learn powerful and transformational breath work.


with Scott Ishihara

Transcendence is a ritualistic dance party that combines both the night club environment with spirituality. Its fun, energetic, and a celebration!

Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

with Nita Rubio

A movement modality to connect us to the subtle energies of the body creating natural authentic movement. A sacred space of healing, deep medicine, and the coming together of a powerful sisterhood.


with Cass Phelps

A movement practice for entering the direct experience of the source of life. During a "Dive", Cass grounds you through biological breathing, movement, and subtle yet power shifts of perspective.


with Aaron Goldberg

The sound of gongs takes you on a journey deep into the universe. Relax into mystical sounds of gongs, crystal bowls, chimes and more. A great way to calm down after a stress filled week.


Bringing the heart home to West Los Angeles, the Hub is a center for individuals of all ages, physiques, abilities and backgrounds to explore different styles of yoga and body movement, meditation, breathwork and other forms of healing. (Read more)

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Today's Schedule


The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power

with Nita Rubio

Tuesdays 7/29/14 - 8/26/14 / 7:00pm - 9:00pm / $195 series fee

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power™ is a devotional moving meditation originated by Vajra Ma and is the core lineage practice of her mystery school Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood. This spontaneous yet highly focused practice connects us to the wisdom of the subtle energies of the body through constant presence to sensation, natural breath, heart-opening devotion and reverence to Goddess. Prior dance experience is not necessary. The work itself is not aerobic but it is "high energy" in terms of internal focus and exploration. We work specifically with the infinite resource of our feminine bodies which includes deep inquiry and feeling into the power source and intelligence of our wombs. The movement is not codified, yet very specific guidelines are introduced to keep the experience internally referenced rather than outwardly defined. This is a powerful re-orientation for women today.

This in depth movement modality connects us to the subtle energies of the body. By cultivating deep surrender and sensitivity to the sensations and impulses always present within us we begin to follow these sensations back to their source. That source is Shakti, the tremoring, alive, wisdom movement of the cosmos. Shakti is both immanent and transcendent. By resting deeply in the subtle movement of Shakti we are able to dissolve deep habitual patterns held in body and mind. This moves us beyond self- expression into the realm of "wisdom". Surrendering to the "wisdom impulses" of the subtle body is like salt dissolving into the ocean, becoming one. This ocean lies within your body, held in the sacred waters of Womb. Moving beyond concepts, the Dance teaches us viscerally what it means to embody the Goddess, to be in our Power and experience the Bliss of the Mother. This Bliss is not dependent upon any external factors, or sense of "other" but inherent in woman's capacity to feel pleasure from her own receptivity and union with the subtle energies which are considered the Goddess Herself. A woman's deepest desires and pleasures are beyond measure when freed from the "patriarchal gaze". It is this freedom that relieves us from making fear-based choices to making choices that vibrate and resonate with our well developed subtle body, born of trust, compassion, reverence and receptivity.

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Tantric Dance of Feminine Power 4 Week Series

with Nita Rubio

Thursdays 8/7/14 - 8/28/14 / 7:00pm - 10:00pm / $160 Series Fee

The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power also helps us explore our relationship to our own sexuality and life force. Releasing the patriarchal lens on our sexuality is a powerful experience and crucial for the transformation towards a life affirming planet. This is not done through sexual intimacy techniques in this tr adition but through very deep communion and exploration in how this energy expands, circulates and expresses itself through the nadi's, pathways and central channel of our bodies.

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Dakini Mandala of the Elements & Emotions

with Nita Rubio

Sat-Sun 8/23/14-8/24/14 / 10:00am - 5:00pm

Dakini’s are the mirror of our minds. They dance in the spaciousness of the sky which is our liberated mind. In these practices we will be working with the Dakini Mandala of Emotions. We encounter these Dakini’s through the elements and begin to work with our obstructed emotion. When emotions are liberated we begin to touch the pristine awareness in ourselves and move as the Dakini’s freedom, eliminating suffering. We will work through the mandala to understand what emotions are and to transcend reactive patterns of emotion and behavior. This work is a very deep and foundational ground for anyone in consciousness work and especially those committing to traditional Tantric sadhanas. This immersion is open to everyone, but highly recommended to have some background in meditation and a sincere interest in a strong committed practice to awakening. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience these ancient and precious practices.

A series of 4 weekend immersions, spanning over a 6 month period.
Aug. 23rd-24th, 2014, Oct. 4th-5th, 2014, Nov. 15th-16th, 2014, Jan. 3rd-4th, 2015

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Healer Training Level 2

with David Elliott

Sat-Sun 9/6/14 - 9/7/14 / 9:00am - 4:30pm / $475, EARLY BIRD SPECIAL $425-

Four levels of training designed to empower the healer and leader within and take the healing experience of Pranayama Breath Work out into the world. The Healer Training Series was created by David to help nurture healers as artists and leaders. As the classes developed and grew, David quickly realized the Healer Training Series was for anyone wanting to incorporate the message of healing in their life. Attended by both body workers, business professionals and creative visionaries, the Healer Training Classes are an opportunity to accelerate change in your life and the lives of others.

Level 2 – Self-Love, Exchange, Value & Worth.

A continuation of the work started in Healer Training Level 1. Level 2 further refines your technique as a healing artist and moves you further down the road as a human being. Emphasis is placed upon developing a spiritual practice for your personal healing process and extensive discussion and guidance is given by David around the topics of Self-Love, exchange, value, worth and money. This class is inspirational and fun.

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